One thought on “Why You Can’t Be a Social Worker and Support the Trump Administration

  1. I think you make some great points, but I want to challenge your thinking around this post. I think it was a great point in terms of social workers looking at the entire entity of a client. However, to address your comment of those that support Trump, I challenge you to think about how diverse our clients will be in terms of background and beliefs. If our clients are going to come to us from all walks of life, shouldn’t social workers be as diverse? The code of ethics is put in place for us to practice in an ethical manner and to outline the population that we will be serving, but it does not force us to work in only one aspect of social work. I’ll give you an example if someone does not support women’s rights or the LGBT community I do not think they would choose a career that works with this population. I know it may be hard to avoid these two populations because I mean women are everywhere as well as those that identify in the LGBT community. However, when a social worker gets this client’s the code of ethics is put in place as a guide that states that you have to check your biases and help this client the best way you can.


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